This video directed by the VERY talented Brewer is an old video but it is still absolutely incredible. 

Skylar Grey - Final Warning.

Former Blind Club director James Rhodes DP’d this Kyla La Grange video. It is an absolute whopper of a song, and not only that, the video is bloomin’ brilliant.

Thanks Ira Glass.

  • If you haven’t heard about champsofficial yet I urge you to seek them out. They got more stars than Beyonce recently - big time. They are two extremely charming brothers from the Isle of Wight and their album is out on the 24th Feb it is called Down Like Gold.

    La Blogotheque + The [absolutely wonderful] Staves = A match made in heaven.

    The thing that always permeates any film made with these girls is their [collective] attitude towards any situation. They are witty, talkative and occasionally, vulgar but in a really lovely way. That, coupled with La Blogotheque’s skills and The Staves’ harmonies makes for a splendid watch.

    Lucius have been touted as ‘The band to watch’ by Rolling Stone and we have no doubt that they most certainly are. This five piece from Brooklyn have two extremely cool and talented front-women. Jess Wolfe and Holy Laessig sport matching mod hair do’s and their voices are absolutely enchanting. Hats off to these guys, we wish we’d made this one.

    This is really worth a watch from La Blogothque. A couple of beautifully performed songs by Django Django. Really would love to do a full electric session with these guys!